Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lack of sleep makes people stupid

So once again I am stuck at some ridiculously early time in the more after recovering form a very long day with pretty much no sleep, and just because I hate myself I decided to not drink anything with caffeine in it that day, not to mention that when going without sleep eating seems to only make it worse because well I'm lazy and do pretty much nothing after eating so I get tired after wards. OK I feel better after ranting about that.

so who is chomping at the bit for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, because I know I am, with the sad lack of serious gameplay footage released all there really is to go on for the looks of the game is hope and trailers, but we know how trailers can be compared to the real thing. all I know is I look forward to playing it on release I love preordering for that just walk in grab game go home and play.

well thats all I have for now have fun out there, its a crazy world we live in now.

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  1. haha, ive kinda been there too, and i wouldnt worry about Deus, i dont think they will mess it up